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Driving transformational change with your involvement in diverse development programs focusing on Health & Wellness, Disaster Relief, Observances, Environmental, Humanitarian.

Bringing transformational change with your help, in the lives of the underserved and people in disaster relief situations.

You are welcome to engage in Sewa TT's impactful events that are happening around the world and spread stories of positive social change.

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Latest News

Recent Update | Oct, 2023

Get Ready to Join the *Sewa TT Virtual 6K Fun Run!*

Recent Update | Aug 09, 2023

Thank you to this wonderful group of persons giving of themselves for society. Thank you to Subway Trinidad and Tobago

Recent Update | Jun 23, 2023

Thank you for supporting Sewa TT's 1st 6K Fun Run for Blood Donation!

Sewa International TT is a not-for-profit service organisation of like-minded individuals, working towards building a national network of volunteers dedicated to the cause of working for the unity of the society and the removal of social disparities in Trinidad and Tobago.

Sewa International TT shall not be influenced by any divisions of caste, class, sect or any other divisive concept in the pursuit of its goals. We aim to achieve our objectives with the belief that the principles of Sanatan Dharma are universal and eternal. The worldview based on Dharma can provide a holistic and balanced world order free from intolerance and extreme materialism.

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Browse through the pictures that show the impactful work done with your help and passion to bring positive social change.

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