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Sewa Aarogyam

Sewa Aarogyam


Rural villages throughout Uttarakhand face a lack of access to medical care. In some areas, benefits of even basic medical facilities are not in the reach of rural underserved. There are persons who are too vulnerable and not able to visit health center or hospital for treatment. This magnifies in proportion, if they are also financially constrained. They do not receive proper nutrition, medical facilities and various things necessary in twilight years of life.

Sewa's Solution- Sewa Aarogyam

To address this issue, Sewa International proposes to operate a well-equipped mobile clinic, Sewa Aarogyam,taking healthcare to the door steps of the needy. Sewa Aarogyam can reach the remote villages of Chamoli and Rudraprayag districts of Uttarakhand under its initiative “Swasthya Sahyogi Sewa”. Under this program, over 100,000 potential beneficiaries in rural hilly areas could receive professional medical consultancy, treatment and preventative care that is presently non-existent or ineffective.


Your contribution will help us to serve people in need.


The Sewa International TT invites enthusiast individuals to come forward and help us in our initiatives. Enroll yourself as Volunteer.

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Program Objectives

1. Provide mobile healthcare services in Rudraprayag & Chamoli districts by covering more than 250 villages for 20,000 households, where the basic access to health service is lacking.

2. Bring healthcare into a community with limited access, specifically to those who are uninsured or underinsured.

3. Provide diagnostic consultation and dispense medicines on the spot for the common ailments; refer to hospital and higher centers for critical cases.

4. Provide facilities to pregnant women for ANC & PNC checkups.

5. Raise awareness about preventive healthcare including family planning, communicable and other diseases through relevant videos, using audio-visual aids and LED screen in the van. - Integrate patients into existing social services and healthcare systems through referrals

Team Composition

1. Medical officer
2. Lady Medical Officer
3. Pharmacist
4. X-Ray Technician
5.Pathology Lab Technician
6. ECG Technician
7. Nurse
8.Nursing Assistant
9. Multipurpose Worker
10. Driver

Optional Details

1. Sewa Aarogyam provides primary/consultative medical care to those, who due to distance and poverty cannot approach regular doctors, in the targeted remote villages of Rudraoprayag and Chamoli districts.

2. Health workers associated with Sewa Aarogyam will reach out to the beneficiaries, with active participation from local community and organizes them for health care.

3. Medical consultancy, specialist referrals, diagnostic tests and distribution of medicines.

Available Services

1. Physician consultation including advice on preventive care, hygiene and sanitation2. Awareness sessions on safe deliveries, child care and nutrition support
3. Pathology: Over 100 high accuracy tests for blood and urine
4. Radiology: X- Ray with high frequency advanced CR System
5. Cardiology: Advance Electrocardiogram.
6. Pharmacy: Medicines – free

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