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Clothing Recycle

Sewa TT hosted  its first Clothing Recycle Project in 2018. This project was aimed at collecting new and gently used clothing from members of the public to donate to others who were in need. With the support of the National Council for Indian Culture (NCIC) at the Divali Nagar, Sewa TT, through its volunteers and members,  was able to collect and sort over 15,000 articles of clothing over a period of 10 days. Subsequently, with the assistance of the Disaster Management units of the Regional Corporations and Members of Parliament, Sewa TT was able to facilitate clothing donations among approximately 1,050 families.

Objectives of Clothing Recycle

  • To create an avenue for persons to perform Sewa through donating clothing and volunteering to serve during the drive
  • To provide clothing to those who are in need
  • To promote recycling and upcycling of clothes
  • To build and practice an efficient system that brings together the local people, local businesses and religious and community institutions in providing relief following disasters


Your contribution will help us to serve people in need.



The Sewa International TT invites enthusiast individuals to come forward and help us in our initiatives. Enroll yourself as Volunteer.


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