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About Sewa International TT

Sewa International TT is a not-for-profit service organisation of like-minded individuals, working towards building a national network of volunteers dedicated to the cause of working for the unity of the society and the removal of social disparities in Trinidad and Tobago.

Sewa International TT shall not be influenced by any divisions of caste, class, sect or any other divisive concept in the pursuit of its goals. We aim to achieve our objectives with the belief that the principles of Sanatan Dharma are universal and eternal. The worldview based on Dharma can provide a holistic and balanced world order free from intolerance and extreme materialism.

Sewa International TT is committed to:

  • The promotion of voluntarism throughout the entire social strata

  • Forging and maintaining links with organisations with similar objectives within Trinidad and Tobago and abroad

  • Promoting philanthropy from the grassroots level to the corporate sector

  • Providing relief to the affected during calamities, natural and/or man-made, and rehabilitating them

  • Building capacity of other non-profit organisations towards achieving their goals;

  • Empowering communities and individuals through sustained support;

  • Supporting efforts that promote cultural and moral value systems in the society.

We believe in the Vedic declarations: Ekam Sat Vipraah Bahudhaa Vadanti (Truth is one, wise men call it by different names)

Sewa International TT
#4 Kyrelle Gardens, Waterloo Road, Arouca
Trinidad and Tobago

Guiding Principles

1. We believe in the Dharmic principles of “Serving Humanity is Serving Divinity” and “Unity in Diversity.”

2. We believe in service above self.

3. We practice teamwork and self-reliance.

4. We are proactive and responsive to the needs of society while promoting self-sufficiency in those whom we serve.

5. We are pluralistic, trustworthy and transparent.

6. We create a positive impact through operational excellence and satisfaction in those whom we serve.

7. We respect and safeguard our environment.

8. We value our volunteers, donors and partners.

9. We respect the dignity of every human being, consider humanity as one family (vasudhaiva kutumbakam) while serving them regardless of race, color, religion, nationality, gender, and sexual orientation.

10. We accept and celebrate diversity in people and community, we are sensitive to the cultural backgrounds of people we serve.


To be an active and united body dedicated to the eradication of social disparities and the removal of human miseries.


We are inspired by the noble Hindu tradition of selfless service, working for the promotion of voluntarism and philanthropy and aiming to see happiness and well-being in everyone, everywhere

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Sewa International TT
#4 Kyrelle Gardens, Waterloo Road, Arouca, Trinidad and Tobago
 1 868 686 6888

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