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Covid-19 Projects

Yoga Classes for All

This period has, undoubtedly, led to increased levels of stress and anxiety for all members of our society.

Educational Videos

At this time, communication is essential in keeping the public aware and knowledgeable about their part in managing 

Food Support

As a result of the current challenges related to COVID-19, the world and our country will be under serious economic 

Meals for Medical Staff

SewaTT is embarking on several projects as it relates to COVID-19. We have attached some images next to each project. 

Medical Supplies

The rise of cases of COVID-19 in our country has led to a burden on the public health sector. There is a need for more testing kits,

Mask Making and Distribution

Recently, the WHO, CDC and our local medical professionals have endorsed the wearing of cloth masks

Farming Support

With the economic effect that this pandemic is causing around the world, food security is now more important 

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There are many uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Webinars will seek to provide an interactive platform

Toll-Free Comfort Line

The current COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased levels of stress and anxiety among citizens of our nation.

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Blood Donation Drive

The National Blood Bank indicates that there is currently a decreased number of blood donors at the blood banks,

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